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TV Mobility, Made Easy Through DISH


DISH is leading the way in mobile entertainment. For a truly remarkable TV experience, join in on the current FREE Hopper and iPad 2 offer! New qualified subscribers have until September 18, 2013 to choose a free iPad 2, rather than a standard 12-month package discount. Simply sign up with Dish for the America’s Top 200 package or higher— starting at only $49.99/month!


Together, the Hopper and iPad 2 provide a fully customizable entertainment experience; even while on the go. Just download the free Hopper Transfers app to move previously recorded TV programs from the Hopper onto the iPad 2 (or other mobile device) via a Wi-Fi connection.


From there, shows and movies are stored for up to 30 days. Want to store content longer lengths of time? No problem; launch the app on the same network that transferred the content.


Just as bunny ears are a thing of the past, it’s now time to retire that cable box. Be free to roam and watch TV as you please! Enjoy your favorite shows and movies, no matter your location and regardless of having internet connectivity. Offline viewing mode allows previously recorded shows to be watched; making it perfect for road trips, roaming areas, etc. With the Hopper, computers, smartphones and tablets transform into portable TV devices with hours of playtime.


Users experience a new world of entertainment using the Hopper. Upgrade to the Hopper and receive:

  • Full HD DVR functionality to every TV in the house
  • Live TV, with the ability to skip through primetime commercials
  • TV recording of up to 2,000 hours— accessible anywhere
  • Ability to record up to six channels at once
  • A DVR library on all TVs (making it convenient to pause or stop a movie in one room, and continue it in another room)


Take advantage of this Free Hopper and iPad 2 offer while it lasts! Be finally free to record and watch live and recorded TV anywhere. It’s time to embrace a whole new meaning to TV watching! Get TV mobility with the Hopper and iPad offer today!

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