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Many times when talking about TV service providers, TV reception or just bills, one of the most frequent things to hear sometime is something along the lines of “I dislike Time Warner Cable. They are expensive and have poor customer service.”



So, if this sounds familiar, why stay in a bad, unhealthy relationship? If Time Warner Cable (or similar provider) isn’t providing the services you need—why continue to pay them when there are better service providers, like DISH?



Making the change is as simple as picking up the phone and making the call! Your TV programming needs will be revolutionized—we have great technology built into our devices. The Hopper is one of the most impressive DVR units available on the market. There’s more recording and playback options; as well as more data room.



Be happy. Be more than content. It’s excitement everytime you sit down and turn on a show.



Check out our various satellite TV packages and high-speed Internet plans. You’ll see how are services are something to rave about and our prices are something to even boast about!


See the difference when you Compare DISH to the Competition.


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By making the switch from Time Warner Cable to DISH Network; you’ll not only save more on your monthly bill; you’ll have more options than you’ve ever dreamed of having with Time Warner Cable.



  • Start off on the right foot with FREE installation in up to 6 rooms with DISH
  • Our Hopper allows you to record up to 6 programs at the same time and watch them in any room on your house!
  • DISH Network gives FREE HD for LIFE— something that Time Warner Cable offers in a limited capacity
  • At DISH Network, you’ll get the best in satellite TV programming; while Time Warner Cable’s DVRs cost an additional $5 per month
  • We provide more diversification, offering 18 more international programming channels than TWC! (Has more than 200 international channels in 28 different languages.)
  • DISH Network offers many different sports programming channels— including both professional and college sports. There are various sports upgrades to satisfy even the biggest of sports fans, such as: NFL Network, NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, Direct Kick, ESPN Game Plan, and more.
  • The DISH mobile app allows users to watch their shows on the go and even access info on different social media networks. It’s great to have the freedom of mobility!



Don’t settle for less. It doesn’t make sense for your wallet; and it certainly doesn’t make sense for the options you deserve to receive. So, make the switch to DISH and experience home entertainment the way it was supposed to be: with a “WOW-factor” involved in there.

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