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DISH Partnership Will Revolutionize Mobile Internet Technology


DISH Network has recently partnered with Artemis Networks LLC., a startup company based in San Francisco that is currently working to revolutionize mobile Internet. With what is termed “pCell technology”, Artemis is attempting to create new mobile Internet speeds that are 1,000 times faster than today’s current 4G and LTE speeds. According to the company, the demand for data is surpassing its total capacity. So, the technology behind pCells will provide a completely new data capacity for mobile Internet.


How pCell Technology Works:


Picture a broadband connectivity that doesn’t depend on cell towers; this is what pCell technology is all about. It combines radio signals to create extra wireless energy around each individual mobile device. It’s much like each mobile device having its own data sphere.


People will no longer have to take turns to use data through what are “shared cells.” (Cells apparently can only be used one at a time). So, as the need for data continues, the slower and clogged the Internet will become. pCell technology promises to create seemingly infinite wireless capacities without any online lagging.


DISH Network’s Involvement:


Over the last few years, DISH has purchased bandwith for high speed wireless Internet service from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). With these purchased frequencies, DISH can use them throughout the U.S. With Artemis, DISH will carry out a trial pCell placement in the San Francisco Bay area. And if all goes to plan, we could be seeing widespread pCell technology throughout the nation.  *Crossing fingers*


What Other Benefits Can You Expect to see with pCell technology?:

  • With pCell technology, get ready to witness uninterrupted movie streaming. It’s perfect for watching your DVR’s contents via the DISH Network mobile app.
  • All uploads and downloads will be done instantaneously (including videos and photos that are being shared onto social media).
  • Dead zones will be a thing of the past. Lightning-fast Internet will be received anywhere—all of the time.


Although it seems like San Francisco is the place to be (at least when concerned to anything Internet related), this new business venture indicates a promising revamping of mobile Internet in-general. Good speed, San Francisco!



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