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Had enough of the same programs with never ending tech issues? It’s time to make the switch to DISH Network! We have several different package options to meet your budget and viewing needs!


Have the freedom to choose what you watch. Regardless of whether there are smaller children in the home and parental controls are needed; or for an office, where you’ll need to know how to monitor employees, DISH Network has all the bases covered!



1)  DISH Smart Pack (12 month Special of $19.99/mo.)

The Smart Pack is normally $29.99/mo.; so save $10 when you sign up today!

It features over 55 family-friendly programs at a value-oriented price. Channels include: Nickelodeon, Fox News Channel, Cooking Channel, CBS Sports Network and others.

You’ll also be able to receive local channels in your area, free of charge.


2)  America’s Top 120 (12 month Special of $29.99/mo.)

Sign up for the America’s Top 120 package and you’ll save $20! It’s normally $49.99/mo.

This package means entertainment for the entire family at a convenient price. There are over 190 of America’s most-watched channels

Channels include: CNN, ESPN, Disney Channel and Discovery Channel, etc. Local channels in your area are also free!


3)  America’s Top 120 Plus (12 month Special of $34.99/mo.)

The America’s Top 120 Plus package option is now available at a $15/mo. savings!

Normally $59.99, it includes some of the greatest programs including FXX, SyFy HD, Cartoon Network HD, Pac-12 Networks, FOX Sports 2, etc.

Local channels are also included at no extra charge.


4) America’s Top 200 (12 month Special of 39.99/mo.)

The America’s Top 200 package is a sports lover’s dream! And now you can get it for a $25 savings (everyday value of $64.99). This package will make you feel like a part of the game. Get in the game channels you want, like the: NFL Network, Pac-12 Networks, MLB Network, NHL Network, NBA TV and your Regional Sports Network(s).

You’ll get all those, plus all of the programming options included in the America’s Top 120™. And you’ll also get the local channels in your area included at no extra charge.


5) America’s Top 250 (12 month Special of $44.99/mo.)

Movie lovers, step right up and save $30/mo.; the America’s top 250 package is fully loaded! With this package option, you’ll receive 17 different movie channels and all of the programming in America’s Top 200™ plus 60 additional channels.

This means getting over 290 channels of the best entertainment. And like the other package options, your available local channels will also be included, free.


Sign up for the right package for you and also get Blockbuster@Home™ FREE for 3 months.


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