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Web design trends that last forever


When it comes to web design trends, one thing that comes to mind easily is the suggestion that they are temporary in nature. It is true that such trends come and go in the world of web design. A web design trend can create a big opportunity – like a hit counter button – and be everywhere for one day, after which it can be sent to the trash a little later.

Not surprisingly, no one uses the hit counter button anymore. Not only has it proven ineffective in tracking the number of visitors closely, it has also become a source of shame for websites when it shows a pathetic number of visitors.

Once again, although the hit counter button has long since disappeared, many web design trends are still in widespread use today years after they began to… Continue reading

Russian cybercrime suspect arrested for $ 1 million ransomware conspiracy

Here’s a cybercrime conspiracy story that makes a difference.

As we write about network-wide ransomware attacks that blackmail the entire company at once, two burning issues immediately arise:

  • How much money do the villains demand?
  • Did the victim pay?

The answers vary, but as you’ve probably read about this Naked Security, modern ransomware criminals often use two-way tightening technology when trying to maximize their asking price.

First, thieves steal a number of corporate files that threaten to disclose or sell to other thugs; then they shuffle the data files on all the computers in the company to stop the business.

Pay blackmail, say the villains, and they not only “guarantee” that the stolen data will never be passed on to anyone else, but also offer a decryption program to rework all the encrypted files so that the business can continue.… Continue reading

Nasa opens up the mysteries of the Auror phenomenon in space

Operation Nasa has uncovered the secrets of the phenomenon of space aurors and their shape across the galaxy.

A special type of aurora, clad in the east-west night sky like a glowing pearl necklace, will help scientists better understand the science of auroras and their powerful drivers in space.

These are known as Aurora beads, these lights often appear just before large Aurora screens caused by electrical storms in space called sub-storms.

They are atmospheric phenomena consisting of light rays caused by charged solar particles after the Earth’s magnetic power lines.

If the planet has an atmosphere and a magnetic field, it is usually Aurora.

In the past, scientists were unsure whether aurora beads were somehow attached to other auroral displays as a pre-storm phenomenon in space, or whether they caused disturbances closer to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Hearing Beads from… Continue reading

Should I invest in stocks?

When people first try to manage their personal finances, their first question is usually “Should I invest in stocks?”. Everyone has heard horror stories about someone losing their life savings in the stock market, so it can feel risky and scary. But for the most part, this is just noise. There is only one correct answer to the question of whether you should invest in stocks.

And this answer is YES.

You should definitely invest in stocks.

Five reasons why you should now invest in stocks:

  1. It is easy
  2. If you do it right, you will earn tons of money
  3. You can do everything online
  4. It is the best way to save for retirement
  5. You can get huge tax benefits

Let’s dive in.

Reason # 1: It’s easy

I thought investing was scary and scary. It really turned out to… Continue reading

Garden equipment and technology: The best smart technology for the garden

The use of smart technology in the garden is increasing (Photo: Getty)

The use of smart garden technology is increasing, with everyone grabbing experienced gardeners as enthusiasts.

Grow kits allow you to plant fresh tomatoes in a cramped single layer, apps can help keep you on top of irrigation and robotic spider planters ensure that your indoor putting green thrives in the sun …

Here are some of the best garden tools for your home:

Floating Lyfe plants

Lyfe seed drill (Photo: Lyfe)

If your home is as full of equipment as plants, the Flyten Lyfe seeder is the perfect product to bring your two avocations together.

The minimalist 12-sided vase floats spectacularly and rotates above the cut oak base.

Not only does it convince your visitors that you are some kind of wizard, but it also provides your greenery… Continue reading

How to Watch Singletown From Anywhere in 2020

I’m addicted to Singletownista, but you can watch it only on HBO Max website . When I tried to sign in, I noticed that you need a U.S.-based IP address and credit card. I wanted to look at it and I am in Australia, but I found most of the online guide will give you wrong directions and do not tell me how to pay – so I decided to develop its own My method.

The only way I found this to work is to use a VPN application that looks like you’re in another country. Using a VPN, I got to look like I was in the US so I could watch Singletown.

All over 30 VPN network , which I tested HBO Max has to try to watch Singletownia, ExpressVPN is the best, which I found  fast… Continue reading

The Best Online Job for Teenagers

For most teenagers, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into their part-time work plans. Fortunately, just because you’re still in school doesn’t mean you can’t work remotely, and online work for teens is now more common than ever. There would be many different online jobs for teens, but we are specifically looking for those that are most flexible according to the student’s schedule and have the lowest barrier to entry.

Top Teenage Online Jobs:

Network control

When many parents educate their children for the first time, there is a huge demand for mentors. Select the topic or topics you want and offer the instructor a Facetime or Zoom. You can send flyers in your neighborhood, let your parents give the floor to other parents, or post your services on Facebook.

If you do not want to teach a particular… Continue reading

How to Watch Peacock TV Outside the US (August 2020)

I’ve been really excited about what the peacock TV offers. But looking at how I can watch streaming service outside the U.S., I couldn’t find a clear and simple guide that answered all my questions. So I had to research, test and write my own!

I found that the easiest solution is to get a reliable VPN that is great for streaming and can unblock Peacock TV anywhere you are in the world. A VPN hides your actual location, so sites like Peacock TV think it’s trying to access it from a allowed country. Tests showed that NordVPN is the best alternative to  Peacock TV because of its lightning-fast speeds for buffer-free streaming.

Are you ready to get started? All you have to do is follow my simple guide to selecting, downloading and using a VPN to start enjoying… Continue reading

How to Set Up a Blogging Strategy for Your WordPress Site

A strong blogging strategy is the bread and butter of many digital strategies.

First, it is a key component of consistent on-site SEO.

Second, it gives you the opportunity to showcase and showcase your expertise and value to the world.

Third, it gives visitors a glimpse of the personality of your brand and makes the ball move in building relationships.

So you’ve just got your WordPress site up and running and want to start blogging. What are your first steps?

Many site owners make the mistake of diving their heads first into blogging without a stable, long-term plan. You can definitely use the “spray and pray” approach and hope something catches up, however, you probably won’t see good results for a moment – if you even see results at all!

Let’s talk about how you can get your blog strategy… Continue reading

How to Download YouTube Videos Online

Nowadays, there are several ways to download YouTube videos. Today, I am going to share with you three methods that will allow you to download YouTube videos in a simple and fast way.

The first method is to use the most popular and easiest available method. The method I am talking about is to use a free online service that allows you to paste the video URL from YouTube into the search field and download it.

In this situation, the best option is to use this service because you don’t have to go through the trouble of getting your own website or installation of desktop software. With this option, you can be able to download videos very easily and very quickly.

The second method is to use a paid service which will allow you to download videos in a very… Continue reading