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21st Century Wonders: Full Mobile Entertainment with the Hopper


With the Hopper, DISH is leading the way into full mobile entertainment! Never miss your favorite programs again. Now you can take your favorite movies, TV programs, and anything recorded onto your DVR and watch them anywhere— even on the go.


With the summer underway, this means being able to bypass any long, boring car trips and vacations. Welcome to the 21st century; it’s time to take and watch what you want, anyplace.



How it works:


The Hopper offers the freedom to roam with our free DISH Anywhere Mobile App; available on both Google Play and iTunes. Using our Sling technology, you can manage your DVR and watch what you please. Regardless of where you are or what you are doing— your mobile device can supply a library of shows and movies.


From DIY shows on HGTV on bathroom remodeling to the latest new releases, your mobile device can be transformed into a full entertainment system. Now, there is the option to stay connected with your friends by sharing what you are watching on Facebook and Twitter.


Hopper Features:


-Commercial-Free TV

-2 TB Hard Drive for optimal programming

-Record and store up to 2,000 hours of shows

-Record up to 6 HD programs at once

-Prime Time Anytime feature, exclusive to the Hopper, provides instant On Demand access to favorite programming on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC all in HD.

-Searchable program drive to better find your favorite programs


How to get the Hopper:


The Hopper is FREE with the America’s Top 120 package or above, which starts at $29.99.


Hopper + iPad 2 Offer:


New qualified subscribers have until September 18, 2013 to choose a free iPad 2, with qualifying packages. Simply sign up with DISH for the America’s Top 120, America’s Top 200 and America’s Top 250 packages to receive an iPad 2.


It’s time to enjoy the full mobile entertainment experience! Get caught up with the Hopper and you’ll wonder how you ever went without.


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