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HD Programming

With over 200 HD channels available, DISH outdoes its' competitors when it comes to HD programming variety. No other satellite TV provider offers more HD channels and the cable companies simply can't offer the same reliability. Get specialty sports and movies all in HD when you select your HD DISH package.


Both DISH and DIRECTV offer premium movie channels but DISH boasts the extensive selection of the DISH Movie Pack package addition. With DISH Movie Pack you can access over 100,000 movie, music and game title that you can stream to your TV, PC or mobile device anytime. No other television provider offers a more extensive movie selection FREE for your first 3 months of DISH service. You also get 3 FREE months of premium movie channels including SHOWTIME®, HBO® and Cinemax®, which are all available in HD.

Another benefit of DISH is the number of Pay-Per-View movie channels available. You get up to 60 PPV choices every day versus only 55 channels with DIRECTV.


DISH Network offers a variety of specialty pro sports packages and upgrades such as the NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, Direct Kick, and ESPN Game Plan to satisfy every sports fanatic. Plus, DISH offers niche sports programming like the College Game-Day Plan that's popular across the country. With DISH you get all the great local and national sports coverage for less than you would pay with DIRECTV.


When it comes to technology, DISH has the competition beat. The Hopper whole-home HD DVR system is the latest in DVR technology. The Hopper allows you to record up to 8 programs at the same time and watch them in any room on your house! This means you can record a show in your bedroom, start watching it in the kitchen, pause, and resume watching in the living room. This equipment is unmatched in the industry so by choosing DISH Network, you're choosing the ultimate in entertainment value.


DISH provides FREE installation in up to 6 rooms while DIRECTV only offers free installation for up to 4 rooms in your house.


With more than 200 international channels in 28 different languages, DISH Network has truly cornered the market in international programming. DIRECTV can only offer 13 languages. DISH is once again the industry leader.

DISH Movie Pack™FREE for 3 months.

DISH Packages A package for everyone!

DISH Network offers several different packages to fit anyone's budget and channel offering desires!

DISH Benefits The benefits of DISH include industry leading technology, your favorite channels, and much more!

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